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Christian Songs to in Funerals

Death of a loved one is really unbearable but it’s inevitable. Everyone gets to die and in so many scenarios, death comes to take away so quickly in the blink of the eye. When our loved one dies, we should be reminded that we also are gonna die.

There’s no escaping from it. Perhaps, we can cheat the IRS with our taxes but cheating Death is something you can’t do. We will all die. This reminds us of our own humanity and frailty and that without Jesus, we’ll all be heading into the fires of Hell.

The good news is that for every people who have Jesus in their hearts would be with God forever. They’re better off that they’re with the Lord than be on this earth full of sorrow and sin.

In those times of great sorrow, there’d be friends and families that will comfort us. But nothing can compare to how God comforts His children. We are being comforted so that we can comfort those people who are grieving for the loss a loved one.

Christian funeral songs that are going to be great additions in your funeral playlist :

1) Homesick by Mercyme

We all know how it feels to be away from home. We will so out of place and lonely. This is also how it felt for people who longed for Heaven to be their eternal home. Mercyme did a good job in relating their experiences through their songs.

2) Remember Me by Mark Schultz

This song is certainly not made to be sung in funerals. In fact, if you read the lyrics closely, you’ll find out that it’s God saying to His children to remember him. But I think because of the word ‘remember’, many people find this song as somewhat inspiring especially to those who witnessed loss of lives.

3) Closer To You by Mark Schultz

Closer to You is a very touching song composed in the person of a dying Christian. Although his time on Earth is nearing to an end, he knows that the life after offers far greater and better life than what we do enjoy here in this world.