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Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing is a great way for women to empower themselves with their passion. No matter what size, age, and shape you are, it will give you a new power to unleash your sensuality. Like various female forms of dance, pole dancing also has a history of leering men and seedy clubs. This dance form didn’t have a great reputation back in old times. But recently pole dancing has been bought to light by its health benefits. It has emerged as a great way to workout. It is an incredible dance form which is a combination of gymnastic and dance with a vertical pole. pole dancing fitness classes are a great way to build incredible core and upper-body strength.

Benefits of taking Pole dancing classes in Melbourne:

  • A fun way to get fit: Routine exercise that you normally do might seem boring. They may not be providing you the necessary excitement.
  • Great cardio exercise: It is equivalent to a gym session. You will be left sweating with this entertaining and fast-paced dance. Pole dancing fitness classes help you to increase endurance, gain more energy, improve balance and enhance your overall personality.
  • Gives you a sense of power: You feel really powerful and invincible after completing your Pole dancing classes.
  • Strengthens your body: With Pole dancing classes Melbourne, you get to do classic resistance workout. You will be inspired to do more and more to be stronger and better.
  • Psychological Benefits: Your serotonin and endorphins level gets improved after dancing. When you go to Pole dancing classes Melbourne, your feelings of euphoria and happiness will increase. Women feel alluring, beautiful and sensual when performing this dance form.

Joining a pole dancing class is the best way to learn the dance form. If you are a beginner, then you need to find good and reputed beginners pole dance classes. You should do proper research about all the dance studios nearby. Then you should rate them according to their reviews, feedbacks, and equipment, etc. You should ensure that the pole dancing class studio has trained and certified professional teacher.

Here are few more tips which you need to keep in mind while choosing a great pole dancing classes for beginners:

Quality of Instructor

The quality of the instructor is one of the main concerns while choosing a pole dancing classes for beginners. Former dancers are surely great to teach you few of those sexy moves that don’t involve a pole. But chose only trained instructors, if you want to get complete exposure to challenging and fitness aspect of this dance. Ensure that your instructor is certified. Find out how long your instructor has been teaching and dancing. Make sure that your instructor is passionate about teaching pole dance and is up to date with the skill of dancing gracefully and safely.

Size of class

This is another major concern as the class should not have more than 1-2 people per pole. You don’t want to spend your money for sharing your pole with two people or spending your time waiting for your chance. Private studio classes are also a great option.


Safety factor cant be ignored. You should ensure that your instructor has a proper idea teaching pole dance with emphasis on safety. They should know how to teach application of body mechanics to keep you safe from injuries.


Make sure that the equipments in the studio are all of the good quality. Whether studio has lots of mirrors as they help you monitor your dance movements.